About Ashley

My name is Ashley and I am a nutritionist--or better yet--a Registered Dietitian. I want to use this blog to invite you into the mind and life of a rather "well-balanced" dietitian. I want to show everyone how easy and quick it really can be to eat healthy and delicious food! 
As I journey through this blogging experience I hope you'll gain some insight as to what this foodie dietitian really eats and pick up a few healthy tips along the way! As for my credentials, I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist. I went to Michigan State University for my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (Go Green!) and then on to Case Western Reserve University for my Masters in Human Nutrition. I started my career working at Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore, MD and have now relocated to Chicago, IL where I continue to work in clinical nutrition with children and adults.

  • *Disclaimer- These blogs and ideas are based on my personal interest and knowledge and are not meant to replace the advice from your medical professional. Please meet with your physician before starting on any weight loss program or lifestyle change to see what is right for you.