Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lots of Loves!

So many new things I LOVE this week!

First, I got a new phone. After years of swearing against it, I broke down and bought a smart phone. I won't lie....I LOVE it. So many fun apps and games! I can check my email anytime, find restaurants, shops, etc. Texting is better, call quality seems better...but what am I talking about? Everyone has one now so I'm sure you all know this :)

My favorite thing though has so far been the MyFitnessPal application. It helps you figure out your calorie goals based on the amount of weight you want to lose or weight you want to maintain, factors in your daily activity along with any additional exercise, and tracks your calories. It has thousands of food items including top brand names. It will even calculate out your recipes that you make! You can save your favorite foods, recipes and exercises and it graphs your progress. So far, I'm in LOVE.

Second, my new favorite snacks...Emerald Breakfast on the Go (180-200 calories/pack)! Mini Babybel Light cheeses (50 calories per round)! Diana's Banana Babies (delicious chocolate covered half bananas for only 130 calories)!

Third, my red wine spritzer! To keep my glass of wine around 90 calories while still feeling more satisfied here's what I did: Measure out 4 oz red wine (I used a sweeter red called House Jam that I had opened over the weekend) and add 4oz seltzer (I used a raspberry flavor). Its nice and light yet a lot more volume, while still keeping your calorie and alcohol intake in check.
And finally...this beautiful Baltimore weather! Honestly, this week has been perfect and I've been trying to enjoy it as much as possible! Low 70s and sunny?? I'll take it! I've been walking for at least an hour every night this week and I feel SO good!

Lots of LOVES this week as I said :) Let it continue...

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