Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chiles Rellenos :D

So a couple months ago my roomie and some friends got together to make this and it was just soooo amazing that when I saw some poblano peppers at the farmers market last week I just had to make them again! I also picked up some fresh cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and a mixture of cheeses (I used pepper jack and a garlic/herb cheese from local farmers in this instead) to make my chiles. 

Now, I'm not saying this is the most healthy dish but it really isn't too terrible. Most of your calories and fat are coming from cheese so I may try to make this again and add some extra veggies (maybe some bell pepper? squash?) to the cheese mixture to decrease the amount of cheese used and bump up the nutrients. I served with it some whole grain Santa Fe style rice (love the 90 second rice in a bag!! this dish does take quite a bit of time to prepare so I wanted my side dish to be super easy). 

Beware!! It is pretty spicy...especially since I added pepper jack cheese instead of regular jack cheese. But modify it based on how hot you like your food :) Maybe cut back on the jalepeno...add more...or add your own twist :) 

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  1. sure does look good! Cheese stuffed peppers are always delicious :)