Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lazy Saturday

This morning I woke in a bit of a funk...or maybe I'm just tired. This week has sure been a busy one! Last weekend I was fortunate to spend a fantastic long weekend in beautiful Michigan with my wonderful boyfriend (MB) and his family :)
After coming home on Tuesday evening, I have spend the rest of my week working @ the hospital and going to work in the evenings at a local Italian restaurant to make a little extra cash and keep myself busy of course! I really do enjoy both my jobs but once the week is over I'm really tuckered out!

Vacation was great, as I said, but full of vacation food! I tried eating lots of fish when we went out to dinner (Lake MI white fish!! yummm) and getting all the fruit and veggies I could when we ate at home but I also indulged in the delightful cookies made by MB's mom, white bread (gasp!!), bacon, ice cream, s'mores (come CAN'T have a bonfire without roasting some 'mallows!), brats, coffee cake, muffins and candy. Of course, when you get back from a vaca there usually aren't too many groceries in the house. I like to use up whatever I have before I leave and don't usually buy anything leading up to getting home I'm left with nothing but a few frozen meals, dry goods and spoiled milk! Needless to say, I've been eating take-out much more than I should and have given myself a free pass on the healthy eating. So I'm feeling a few pounds heavier and ready to get back on track!

*Quick Tip to help with this "no-grocery" rut...have a few healthy meals stocked in the freezer! When you have left-overs (such as lasagna or a veggie casserole) that are easy to freeze portion them out into plastic containers for those times when you just can't or don't want to get to the store! I also stock up on Kashi and Lean Cuisine meals when they are on sale for fast dinners and lunches! Frozen fruit and vegetables are also time-savers and are easy on the budget. I keep a few bags on hand at all times for quick, healthy meals! Plus they don't spoil very quickly and are the same nutritional value as fresh produce!

So breakfast today was quick and easy...Multi-Grain Cheerios with skim milk, coffee and a cup of canned fruit packed in 100% juice (really...I'm going to grocery store tomorrow!).

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